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Feature Zynith SEO Rank Math Yoast SEO
Free Version Limited Extensive Basic
Price Starts at $79.99/year unlimited sites Starts at $79/year per site Starts at $99/year per site
Meta Title & Description Editor
Schema Builder ✓ (Proprietary) ✓ (Limited) ✓ (Paid extension)
Sitemap Generation ✓ (Proper XML Format With Selective Directory)
Open Graph Integration
SERP Preview ✓ (Paid extension) ✓ (Limited)
Plugin Size ✓ 125Kb 15MB+ 15MB+
AI-Generated Content Analysis ✓ (Paid extension)
404 Monitor ✓ (Paid extension)
AI Schema ✓ Coming Soon
AI-Generated Content Writing Tool

Over 30,000 Installations and 10,000 users!

  • Settings

    Zynith uses industry standards to provide your website with SEO settings you have come to know and love

    • Google SERP Preview
    • Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • Open Graph Image
    • Target Keyword With Live Density
    • No Index and No Follow Options

    The settings section of Zynith has been coded with size and best-practices in mind! When appending the information in settings to the head of your website we do not use extra classes, ID’s or bloating scripts. What you see is what you get

    Zynith Main Screen
  • Schema

    Zynith uses schema that puts the control back in your hands!

    • Multiple Schema Types
    • Schema User Templates
    • Auto Appended to JSON LD

    The settings section of Zynith has been created to keep your websites schema in your control! We do not automatically add or append schema to any parts of your website or it’s code to prevent duplicate types and multiple code blocks that lead to increased bloat

    Zynith Schema Screen
Zynith SEO Plugin Features

Experience the Lighter,
More Efficient SEO Plugin

Are you tired of heavy, resource-hogging SEO plugins that slow down your website? Look no further! Zynith, the game-changing SEO plugin, is here to elevate your optimization experience to new heights.

With a staggering 3000% lighter footprint than industry giants like Yoast and RankMath, Zynith ensures that your website remains lightning-fast while offering a comprehensive suite of features to skyrocket your search engine rankings.

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The Benefits

What Are Users Saying About the Zynith SEO WordPress Plugin?

  • Aaron Alexander SEO Zynith Testimonial

    Aaron Alexander

    The populating schema addition and the lightweight of the plugin while still accomplishing my core needs for SEO makes Zynith one of my favorite WordPress plugins.

  • Andrew Jenkins Review

    Andrew Jenkins

    Gone are the days of having to flip through an endless setup process for SEO Plugins to get to the few functions I actually need! Zynith SEO is a stripped-down race car that keeps my clients moving around the track faster and easier that the competition

  • Schieler Mew Review

    Schieler Mew

    I had a great time creating this plugin and will be using it at my own agency! If I didn’t believe in it, there’s absolutely no way I would ask you to! Here’s to the next Era in SEO!

  • Anonymous 2

    Josh Koop

    Building niche sites requires care and focused building, using Zynith has cut through all the excess baggage to ensure the core is built to perform!

    Epic Podcasting

  • Anonymous 2

    Matt Cawcutt, Cape Town, South Africa

    I’ve been using the Zynith plugin for my digital marketing business since it launched and it’s been great! The plugin is lightweight and easy to use. The team is constantly improving it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

    Blue Rocket Marketing

  • Anonymous 2

    Eric Monies

    We have been using yoast since the beginning. And of course every site it was installed on was pretty noticeable considering the amount of resources it has taken just to use the basic features of yoast. Then comes Zynith. I’ve been following Schieler for a while so when he said he was building an SEO plugin I knew it wanted in on it. As soon as it came out I tested it and within a week had changed it out on all clients sites. The constant updates and new features have been amazing and still only a fraction of the size of other plugins

    Online Biz Builders

So, What Does Z Y N I T H Offer?

Meta Title and Description Editor
  • Zynith allows you to easily edit and optimize your meta titles and descriptions, which are important factors in improving your website’s search engine rankings.
  • With Zynith’s user-friendly interface, you can quickly customize your meta titles and descriptions to best fit your content and target audience.
Open Graph Image Integration
  • Zynith also integrates Open Graph images, which are the images that appear when you share a link on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
  • By optimizing your Open Graph images with Zynith, you can ensure that your content looks visually appealing and engaging when shared on social media, which can lead to increased traffic to your website.
Proprietary Schema Builder
  • Zynith offers a proprietary JSON Schema Builder that allows you to easily create and add structured data to your website.
  • Structured data is important for SEO as it helps search engines better understand your content and can lead to improved search engine rankings.
Breadcrumb Generation
  • Zynith generates breadcrumbs via short-code for your convenience. Use anywhere in your website to display the full-path URL
Global Meta Settings
  • Noindex and Nofollow everything from categories, to pages and taxonomies in one toggle under global Robot’s Meta settings
No Follow, No Index
  • With Zynith, you can easily set pages to “No Follow” or “No Index,” which tells search engines not to follow or index specific pages.
  • This can be useful for pages that you don’t want to appear in search results, such as login pages or duplicate content.
Canonicalize URLs
  • Zynith also offers canonical URL tags, which help to avoid duplicate content issues and improve your website’s search engine rankings.
  • By specifying a canonical URL, you can ensure that search engines understand which version of your content to prioritize and index.
Sitemap Creation
  • Zynith allows you to easily create and submit a sitemap to search engines, which can help to improve your website’s search engine rankings and ensure that all of your pages are properly indexed.
  • With Zynith, you can create a sitemap with just a few clicks and submit it to search engines directly from the plugin.
SERP Preview
  • Zynith offers a SERP preview feature that allows you to see how your edited meta title and description will appear in search engine results pages (SERPs), complete with a featured Google image display.
  • This can be useful for ensuring that your content looks visually appealing and engaging in search results, which can lead to increased clicks and traffic to your website.
404 Manager
  • Zynith logs and helps you manage your 404 errors! This helps you eliminate the need for multiple plugins by giving you access to a log of all your broken links from your websites!

And a whole lot more…

A Collaboration By

Google SEO Masterminds

The collaboration between Google SEO masterminds and Zynith’s development team has led to a suite of features that cater to every aspect of optimization, from content analysis to technical adjustments. Zynith’s innovative approach, powered by Google’s industry-leading expertise, ensures that you stay ahead of the competition and consistently achieve outstanding results in search rankings.

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