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Zynith AI Content Detector

This Free AI Detector is designed to ensure your content resonates with authenticity and creativity, avoiding the impersonal echo of AI-generated text.

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Please note: The efficacy of AI detection can vary depending on the amount of text analyzed. This tool employs ratio-based calculations, meaning that AI detection precision may decrease as the text volume increases. For optimal results with texts greater than 1,000 words, consider analyzing smaller excerpts.

How to Use the AI Content Detector

  • Choose to either enter a URL or paste your content into the larger text area field, then click the “Detect” button. 
  • Note: if you wish to enter a URL, make sure it starts with https://.
  • After clicking “Detect,” wait for the analysis to complete. The results will be displayed under the “Result” section, which automatically scrolls into view.

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Why does the detector not just say if content is AI or not?

The AI detector doesn’t provide a simple true or false statement regarding AI-detected content. Instead, it operates on thresholds and ratios, aiming to determine whether content is more likely AI-generated or human-written based on various criteria. This approach is akin to how search engines assess content authenticity, considering multiple factors and their thresholds.


Imagine you have a piece of text. To assess its origin, the detector examines various elements, such as the use of certain words, sentence structures, and transitional phrases. It then calculates ratios and densities of these elements compared to the overall content.

For instance, let’s say the detector finds that the density of words typically associated with human sentiment, like “feel,” “know,” or “understand,” exceeds a certain threshold.

Additionally, it observes a high frequency of transitional words like “however” or “furthermore.” Based on these findings and predetermined thresholds, the detector also concludes that the text is more likely to be  AI-generated.

It would then stand to reason that the text, based on statistical evidence is more likely to be AI as a total piece of content.

In summary, the detector’s output isn’t a binary verdict but a nuanced assessment, reflecting the likelihood of AI involvement in the text’s creation based on established thresholds and ratios across various linguistic features.

What is the AI Content Detector?

The AI Content Detector is a tool designed to analyze text to determine if it has characteristics more commonly associated with human-written or AI-generated content.

How does the AI Content Detector work?

The tool analyzes the input text or content from the provided URL based on specific linguistic features, including contractions, transitional word usage, and the presence of sentient expressions, to evaluate whether the content is likely human or AI-generated.

Is the AI Content Detector always accurate?

While the AI Content Detector is designed to be as accurate as possible, it’s based on heuristic analysis and may not be infallible. Please consider the results as indicative rather than definitive.

Can I analyze content in any language?

Currently, the AI Content Detector is optimized for English-language text. Analyzing content in other languages may yield unreliable results.

What should I do if the tool is not working?

Make sure you have an active internet connection and that the URL, if used, is accessible. If problems persist, contact support with details of your issue.

Does the tool store the text or URL I analyze?

No, the AI Content Detector does not store any text or URLs you analyze. Privacy is important to us.

Can I use the AI Content Detector for any text or URL?

Yes, you can analyze any English text or accessible URL. However, the reliability of the results may vary based on the content’s complexity and context.

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