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  • Aaron Alexander SEO Zynith Testimonial

    Aaron Alexander

    The populating schema addition and the lightweight of the plugin while still accomplishing my core needs for SEO makes Zynith one of my favorite WordPress plugins.

  • Andrew Jenkins Review

    Andrew Jenkins

    Gone are the days of having to flip through an endless setup process for SEO Plugins to get to the few functions I actually need! Zynith SEO is a stripped-down race car that keeps my clients moving around the track faster and easier that the competition

  • Schieler Mew Review

    Schieler Mew

    I had a great time creating this plugin and will be using it at my own agency! If I didn’t believe in it, there’s absolutely no way I would ask you to! Here’s to the next Era in SEO!

  • Anonymous 2

    Josh Koop

    Building niche sites requires care and focused building, using Zynith has cut through all the excess baggage to ensure the core is built to perform!

    Epic Podcasting

  • Anonymous 2

    Matt Cawcutt, Cape Town, South Africa

    I’ve been using the Zynith plugin for my digital marketing business since it launched and it’s been great! The plugin is lightweight and easy to use. The team is constantly improving it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come.

    Blue Rocket Marketing

  • Anonymous 2

    Eric Monies

    We have been using yoast since the beginning. And of course every site it was installed on was pretty noticeable considering the amount of resources it has taken just to use the basic features of yoast. Then comes Zynith. I’ve been following Schieler for a while so when he said he was building an SEO plugin I knew it wanted in on it. As soon as it came out I tested it and within a week had changed it out on all clients sites. The constant updates and new features have been amazing and still only a fraction of the size of other plugins

    Online Biz Builders

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