Zynith HTML Heading Checker

The Zynith Heading Checker is designed to meticulously analyze the HTML heading tags on any given webpage, providing you with a comprehensive overview of its structure.


HTML heading issues have been found.

How to Use the Heading Checker

  1. Enter a URL: Start by inputting the URL of the webpage you wish to analyze in the designated field. Ensure that the URL begins with “https://”. This protocol prefix is essential for the tool to access and analyze the webpage accurately.
  2. Initiate Analysis: Click the “Get Headings” button to start the evaluation process.
  3. Review Results: Once the analysis is complete, the page will display a breakdown of all headings found, including their types (from <h1> to <h6>) and their content.

Tips for Headings

  1. Hierarchy Understanding: Ensure your headings follow a logical structure (e.g., only one <h1> per page, followed by <h2>, and so on) to improve readability and SEO.
  2. Identify Issues: Use the tool to pinpoint multiple <h1> tags or empty heading elements, which might require correction.
  3. Content Optimization: Review the text within your headings to ensure it is relevant and keyword-optimized, aiding in better search engine ranking.


Why does the tool show some headings highlighted in pink?

The tool flags headings as ‘issues’ if there are multiple h1 tags or if any heading tags contain improperly nested HTML elements. These issues are highlighted to draw your attention to potential practices that may not align with web standards. Such problems are common and warrant careful review to ensure optimal webpage structure.

What should I do if I find multiple h1 tags on a page?

Generally, it’s best practice to have only one <h1> tag per page, usually reserved for the title or the most important content indicator. If you find multiple, consider restructuring your headings or consulting with a web developer or SEO specialist.

Are the URLs saved or tracked?
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We want to assure you that we do not save or track the URLs you enter into the Heading Checker tool. Each analysis is conducted in real-time, and no data about the URLs or the results is stored on our servers. Your analysis is confidential, and the URLs are used solely to conduct the immediate heading structure check you’ve requested.
Why is heading structure important?

A well-organized heading structure enhances both user experience and search engine indexing. It helps visitors navigate your content more effectively and allows search engines to understand the hierarchy and significance of your content.

How often should I check my headings?
It’s a good idea to use the tool periodically, especially after making significant changes to your website content or structure. Regular checks can ensure ongoing compliance with best practices.
Can I check headings on any website?

The tool is designed to analyze headings on any publicly accessible webpage. Simply enter the URL, and the tool will present the heading structure.

Why does the Heading Checker not work on websites that require accepting a cookie policy or completing a captcha?
When a website requires interaction, such as accepting a cookie policy or completing a captcha, it may prevent the tool from accessing the site’s content directly. The Heading Checker tool scans the initial HTML content delivered by the server, which might not include subsequent content loaded or unlocked through user interaction. You might need to manually analyze the source code directly in your browser to analyze such pages.

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